Keep Your Domain Names Safe with
KARIZANTA‘s Registry Lock Service

We’ve got your domain security covered! Let us help you prevent domain hijacking and costly unwanted domain and website changes.

Enabling Registry Lock prevents any attempt of domain configuration without completing a multi-factor authentication process.

Only KARIZANTA employees acting on your instruction, and authorized by the registry, are allowed to update domains with a Registry Lock.

Registry Lock Prevents

Choose Registry Lock for the domain names you can't afford to lose.


Unapproved domain changes or domain hijacking

With Registry Lock in place, your domains are protected at the registry level. Unapproved individuals will be unable to make or request any changes to your domain name(s), such as owner changes or domain transfers. KARIZANTA works directly with the registry to keep your domains safe.


Accidental missed domain name renewals

Remove the stress of domain renewals. As long as Registry Lock is placed on a domain, the domain will automatically at the registry, preventing accidental domain name drops and keeping your domains/websites running smoothly.


Changes by unauthorized individuals

Only pre-authorized Karizanta employees have the power to apply, update or delete a Registry Lock on your behalf directly at the registry level. All requests related to a locked domain name are verified by the employee, ensuring only eligible requests are processed.

Registry Lock is a necessary security measure for anyone that values their domains:

  • Trademark holders
  • E-commerce websites
  • Domain names that are of high value or that would cause financial or other kinds of strain if hijacked or stolen
  • Domain names that are of high value to the public and have a high risk of attempted hijacking, such as:
    • E-commerce websites, including small business and large multi-national sites
    • Government, companies, educational or organizational websites
    • Websites of banks or other financial institutions